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Wise Words with Mrs. Opidee

By Mia Tomanelli and Katarina Todorvich

In our fourth segment of Wise Words with Warhorse by Mia and Katarina, we had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Ioanna Opidee. Mrs. Opidee is one of the lovely English teachers here at Weston High School who currently teaches creative writing, learning pathways, and helps run the writing center. Students love her as well as the classroom environment she brings to our school. Countless students have voiced that when they are in Mrs. Opidee’s classroom, they feel the most comfortable and eager to learn.

When we asked Mrs. Opidee why she wanted to become a teacher, she said that initially, she did not think she wanted to be one because it didn’t feel like the right fit for her. However, she knew that reading and writing made such a difference in her life and that she loved to work with students. 

Not only is Mrs. Opidee an amazing teacher, she is also the author of the book Waking Slow. She explains that her love for writing and having a message she wanted to share made her want to write the book, although she did not discover her love for creative writing until the end of college.

Mrs. Opidee’s favorite part of teaching at Weston High School are the people, students and her colleagues. She loves to say hello in the hall and admires the friendly, inquisitive environment at WHS, specifically how people are driven to grow and learn. Some of Mrs. Opidee’s teaching philosophies are getting students to come to understand themselves better as learners and see where their curiosites and passions lead them. 

Mrs. Opidee advises high school students to pay attention to what energizes you, follow your curiosities and try to do good in the world. She encourages students to seek relationships with their teachers and peers through asking questions. Additionally, she wants students to be gentle with themselves, not put too much pressure on themselves, and to be proud of their accomplishments and the opportunities we get at WHS. 

When asked about book recommendations, Mrs. Opidee encourages students to turn to poetry that is fun and inspiring and walk around a bookstore and see what calls to you. 

An interesting fact about Mrs. Opidee is that she used to sell foam fingers at Fenway Park as a college student! She also loves to go to live music concerts and do yoga. 

Thank you, Mrs. Opidee, for taking the time to talk to us! 

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