How can we enjoy the Winter Season with Covid Cases on the Rise?

As the 2022 holiday season is coming to a close, we all have enjoyed moments of normalcy and reuniting with loved ones from all over. To maintain such a privilege we have been unable to enjoy for so long, we must take certain precautions to keep everyone healthy. As we progress towards a healthier society, these are some tools to enhance that progression. 

  1. Plan around the family member most at risk of becoming ill: By doing so, there will be a consistent effort to protect those around you.
  2. Stay up to date with booster shots (flu shots, covid shots, etc.): It is a critical step to maximize one’s protection against disease. Thus keeping up to date with shots will boost immunity against threatening viruses.
  3. Be cautious and aware of your symptoms: If you feel unwell, act upon it. Prioritize your health; by doing so, you and your loved ones will also be healthy.
  4. Test wisely: Consider taking a rapid test before attending a gathering. By reassuring yourself and those around you that you are negative, you will be able to enjoy yourself more thoroughly without the stress of potentially putting a loved one at risk. 
  5. Consider a “mini” quarantine: While this one may be more extreme, allowing yourself to independently acclimate to a new environment will minimize exposure to outside viruses.
  6. Mask up while you travel: While risk varies depending on what mode of transportation you take, if you feel at high risk of exposure, consider masking up! It’s an easy tool to use to keep yourself safe.
  7. Ventilate your space: If you cannot hold an event outside, increase air circulation in any area you are occupying to reduce the risk of trapping and transmitting harmful bacteria. 

While these may not seem necessary, this is a time when we can all come back together again. To maintain this close geographic connection with one another, we must use the tools provided to us to finally lead a normal, healthy, and happy life.  


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