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Old Movies Come Back Better Than Ever

After the displeasing time during COVID-19, when we were robbed of the ability to sit down and watch a movie in a real movie theater, Hollywood has been forced to make a variety of arrangements to keep film lovers content. Thankfully, however, with the hard work of directors, screenwriters, producers, and actors, the film industry has been expeditiously spewing out movies packed with action, comedy, and horror. During the upcoming year of 2023, expect to see some of your favorite movies, either remastered or newly developed. Book your calendars, and pop your popcorn. 

Titanic' 20th Anniversary: Movie to Be Re-Released in Theaters - Variety

Let’s start off with a classic: James Cameron’s infamous 11 Oscar-winning Titanic originally released in December 1997, is set to re-enter the theaters just in time for Valentine’s Day, except, bigger and better; it’s remastered to be viewed in newly advanced 3D 4K HDR and a significantly high-frame rate. 

On November 21, 1976, the nation was gifted with Sylvester Stallone‘s legendary Rocky Balboa, which has arguably permanently shifted the nation’s perception of cinematography. The first Creed, “relaunching the franchise for a new generation,” initially released in 2015, followed by the launch of Creed II in 2018, has left fans craving for more, and finally, their thirsts have been quenched. Ryan Coogler, inspired to make Creed after his father, “would play Rocky before [he] had football games to pump [him] up” and would “watch Rocky II with his mom while she was sick,” has announced that Creed III is set out to release on March 3, 2023. 

Do I need to watch Rocky before Creed?

Finally, David Gordon Green, director of various horror movies such as Halloween, Halloween Kills, and his newly released Halloween Ends, has recently announced that he and his crew plan to launch an untitled sequel to William Friedkin’s The Exorcist released in 1973 on October 13, 2023. Set to win the hearts of horror movie fanatics, Green mentioned that he and his crew “start in a couple of weeks, and [are] ready to roll up [their] sleeves and dive into the next great franchise” during an interview with Variety.  

The probability of your older sibling, grandma, aunt, uncle, or parent having watched one of these infamous movies at least once in their life is very high. So, take advantage of this time and invite them to watch one with you. Movies don’t just give us entertainment. They allow us to bond with one another. 

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