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Mr. Richetelli: Promoting Active Lifestyles one class at a time

By Mia Tomanelli and Katarina Todorovich

In our third segment of Wise Words with Warhorse by Mia and Katarina, we had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Richetelli, one of our fantastic Physical Education and Health Teachers here at WHS. Mr. Richetelli is known for creating an interactive, fun and energetic environment in Health and PE class. 

Mr. Richetelli has been at Weston High School since 1990, however, he has not always been a P.E. teacher. He started as an athletic trainer but fifteen years in he switched to teaching gym and health when he realized how much he loves working with high school students. 

We asked Mr. Richetelli what his favorite part of working at Weston High School was and he had a variety of answers. He loves connecting with students and staff, specifically collaborating with the other physical education and health teachers such as Mrs. Wilson, Ms. Blank, and Mr. Murray. He also loves interacting and working with different students on a daily basis, and ultimately impacting and influencing their lives in a positive way. 

When we asked Mr. Richetelli why he chose physical education, he responded “I love athletics and active lifestyles, so being a P.E. teacher was an excellent choice.”

Mr. Richetelli has a variety of teaching philosophies, however, when we asked him to name his most important one, he said that if you put in the work, great things will happen. In specific reference to physical education, Mr. Richetelli said that as long as you put the time and effort into being healthy and active, you will improve and better yourself. 

Outside of school, Mr. Richetelli enjoys spending time with his wife, his daughter, and his son. He typically goes to Vermont during the winters to ski, and he enjoys watching the games of his favorite football team, The Buffalo Bills. 

We attempted to ask Mr. Richetelli the very desired question of what his favorite class to teach was. Yet, he has no favorite! In fact, Mr. Richetelli loves the variety and balance of health and P.E as he said “it’s the variety that keeps it fresh and exciting.” 

Mr. Richetelli specifically noted that it’s important to acknowledge that we are in the midst of a mental health crisis, and as a result, he would like to give this advice to students: “regardless of how bad things are at any given time, bad things will pass and good things will be on the other side.”

Thank you Mr. Richetelli for taking the time to speak with us! Look out for our next segment!

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