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Ukrainian Sisters Find Generosity From Local Ice Cream Store Owners

Due to the war in Ukraine, 21-year-old Zina, 23-year-old Albina, and 25-year-old Anhelina fled their home country and found refuge in Connecticut. The sisters are currently working at Dom’s Creamery in Avon, Connecticut. 

The owners, Andrius Plankis and Asta Plankiene, Lithuanian immigrants who arrived in the states nine years ago, sympathize with the current situation the sisters are going through and are eager to learn more. After a sudden encounter with Andrius’s mother, Plankis and his wife hired the sisters. 

Despite the three sisters finding safety in Connecticut, they still worry about the safety of their parents and six siblings remaining in Ukraine. While the sisters live with their aunt in Graby, the store owners provide the sisters with daily transportation to work and back home. 

This motivation to spread kindness to others has impacted the Plankis family so much so, that not only did they provide the sisters with employment and transportation, but they are now fundraising in order for the sisters to get a car of their very own. 

The girls left Ukraine, hoping to find safety. However, the sisters found so much more: kindness and generosity offered by those around them.  
If you want to follow this uplifting story further and spread your own act of kindness by donating to this cause, the fundraiser is located on Dom Creamery’s Instagram page (@domscreamery).

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