Senior Editorial: Ashley Aron

June 19, 2018

Leaving the town and the community that has been my whole world for a lifetime is a drastic change that I never thought I would be ready for. Not only will I be leaving my family and friends, I will be leaving Weston’s safe, enriching environment which is all I have ever known. I will have to learn how to deal with the challenges of living alone and establishing myself in a new community. I will not only deal with the academic world, but I will experience the working world. However, I believe that moving on to a greater and more difficult phase of life–becoming independent–is a necessary part of growing up and finding your true path in life.

I will never forget the opportunities for growth that Weston High School has offered me in only four years. As a freshman, I was very nervous about how I would mature academically and socially in high school. With no advanced classes as a freshman, I was unsure how I would qualify for higher level classes and be able to challenge myself as I had wanted. However, I soon found that Weston offers students the chance to advance into honors or AP courses they are interested in if they prove themselves worthy through hard work and perseverance.

Also, I found my niche in Weston through the extracurricular activities that I decided to try out and ended up enjoying more than I ever thought I would. I started to write for the school newspaper The Warhorse because I wanted to use what I learned from my journalism class I took as a freshman, but little did I know that I would become the leader of this club. Writing for and managing The Warhorse has been a valuable experience for me–it has given me the confidence to lead others and has taught me the importance of teamwork and dedication in creating a worthy final product. I also enjoyed playing in the Pit Orchestra for the school plays, which had its difficulties but it was a rewarding experience that I will treasure. Being a part of these clubs has allowed me to connect and bond with others who have the same interests as I have, and I never could imagine my high school experience without having explored the extracurricular activities offered to me by WHS. I cannot forget to mention that being a part of the National Spanish Honor Society and National Honor Society has encouraged me to explore volunteer opportunities and meet new people, inspiring me to get more involved within my community.

The friendships I have cultivated in high school and the relationships I have formed with my teachers have always been sources of support for me. I will miss being able to see the teachers and friends that I have known for years every day in school and around town. The closeness of Weston’s community always reminds me, though, that even though I will be leaving the town physically, I will never leave the memories and knowledge that Weston has gifted me with behind. The collective efforts made by everyone in our town will continue to inspire me as I continue into the next stages of my life.

I feel very fortunate to say that when I look back at my high school experience, I have no regrets about how I carried out my four years. Leaving and knowing that the small community I was once a part of will no longer be the central part of my life is a bittersweet ending for me, but I will always cherish and visit the small town that nurtured and prepared me for the real world.

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