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April Fool’s — How Many Participate?

Sarina Shah, Staff Writer

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April Fool’s Day is known nationally as a day to pull pranks on family and friends. But how much do people participate in this tradition?
April Fool’s Day takes place on April 1st. The holiday became popularized in the 19th century and had continued to spread rapidly into the 21 century.
Children’s excitement of planning and following through on pranks are what fuel this tradition. Adults even look back on their childhood pranks and usually laugh.
So how involved is our society? Nationally, much of the population love pulling pranks on April 1st. In Weston, a town made up of 10,000 citizens; views differ.
First-grader Madi Hemmers looks forward to April Fool’s and pulling pranks on her siblings. “I can’t wait for April Fool’s; I love seeing the confused faces of my siblings and friends.” It seems like many first-graders share Madi’s views on April Fool’s, “So many of friends are excited too,” she says.
In middle school, it’s a mixed bag. Some love it and are very elaborate in their plans. For example, seventh-grader Ben Hemmers can’t wait. He says, “It’s so fun to prank my friends and see the fear and confusion.” Ben’s favorite prank was at a friends house and putting shaving cream all over his friend’s face, “It was so awesome, he was asleep and had no idea. When he woke up he was so surprised,” Ben says.
Yet some feel that April Fool’s isn’t that big of a deal. Seventh-grader Jamie Semaya says that she and her friends aren’t really that into it. “I don’t really pull pranks on people or get involved in April Fool’s,” she says.
High school students usually have grown out of pulling pranks but want to continue to have a good laugh. Ninth-grader Emily Semaya looks back to when she was younger and remembers the excitement and fun she had. “I remember liking it in elementary school, and by the time I was in middle school, I kind of grew out of it,” Semaya says. However, teenagers know still want to have fun, but the pranks have shifted from shaving cream and elaborate childish pranks to more of confusing friends.
April Fool’s is loved by many, especially young kids, and some love to to participate. Watch Out!

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April Fool’s — How Many Participate?