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The First Girl On Weston High School’s Wrestling Team

Jessie Braden, Journalism Student

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“I don’t treat her any differently than any other guy on the team,” said Rick Sloat, assistant coach of the Weston High School’s Wrestling team, “She is very hardworking and keeps up with all the guys.” Sloat is referring to the newest freshman on the team, and the first girl in Weston wrestling.
Jade Dayton is a 5’0 tall freshman girl with high hopes and a strong future in wrestling.
Surprisingly, Jade has had very little exposure to the wrestling life; she only attended one clinic last year, Sloat remembers Dayton from that clinic and says she “was enthusiastic and was eager to learn.”
Dayton has proven to be a hard worker. She says she trains and tries to show her strength to the boys, so they can count her in as an opponent.
“I’m tolerating them to say the least,” Dayton says of her teammates. “All the guys have been chill and it’s great how they don’t treat me any differently,” Dayton said while putting her sneakers on, preparing to go outside for their daily run.
“It’s hard just coming into this whole new situation of wrestling,” Dayton admits. “I didn’t have any upper body strength before this. The conditioning was intense and my body wasn’t physically prepared, but it’s completely worth it”
Dayton is going to the practices everyday and is inspired to keep going, no matter how much stress the body is going through, because of her dad. “He was the captain of his wrestling team when he was in high school, and it motivated me to try it out,” Dayton says.
While wrestling might be new, Dayton does have experience with other physical sports. “I’ve been doing martial arts since I could remember. I think it has helped me in a way for my first year wrestling,” she says.
Even with all the intense workouts, Dayton always finds a positive and fun way in all the activities the team does. Some the smallest things that happen are some of her favorite parts. “I love walking up to the mat and seeing the facial expression of the guy, It’s so funny,” Dayton says with a laugh.
While the season is almost over this year, the team would love to have more girls represented. In fact, Dayton would love to see more girls in wrestling. She encourages anyone who wants to join, to join! “Go ahead, the conditioning is hard. You just have to give it a shot,” she says.
Who knows, maybe Dayton has started a wresting revolution!

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The First Girl On Weston High School’s Wrestling Team