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Hello everyone and welcome back to another fantastic school year.  I am so excited to see all the new faces walking around the halls.

For those that do not know me yet, my name is Officer Joe Mogollon and I am the town of Weston’s School Resource Officer.  Some of you might not know what that exactly means and what my position entails so I will try and describe it for you.

First off, I am a member of the Weston Police Force and have been for the last 13 years.  One of my specialties is computer and cell phone forensics, hence why I taught the internet safety classes at the middle school level.  As your School Resource Officer I have four main functions.  These functions include Law Enforcer, Informal counselor, Educator and Emergency Manager.

On 9/15/17 I did a presentation for all juniors and seniors concerning alcohol laws. First and foremost, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase or possess alcohol. A very important law to understand is the CT Social host law which describes what can happen if you host a party involving alcohol.

In Connecticut, it is illegal to allow a minor to possess alcohol in any dwelling unit or private property.  The law makes it a class “A” misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail for a property owner or someone in charge of a private property to knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence permit any minor to possess alcoholic liquor on that property.     Here is a [description] of laws that pertain to minors.

Possession of Alcohol by a Minor – prohibits possession of alcohol by a minor on both public and private property.

$181 – $500 fine.  Subject to a 150 day suspension of your motor vehicle license.  If not licenses, must wait additional 150 days after eligible for license. (DMV Hearing)

Minors trying to purchase alcohol

Misdemeanor arrest

The misrepresentation of age of the use of another’s license for the purpose of procuring alcoholic liquor.

Fine $200-$500. Up to 30 days in jail. 150 day license suspension If not licensed, 150 day delay in obtaining a license.

Youth DUI –Prohibits minors from operating a motor vehicle if their blood alcohol content is .02 or higher.

Fine between $200-$500. Up to 6 months in jail which may not be suspended. Probation with 100 hours of community service. 45 day license suspension with condition of restoration of installing an ignition interlock device

If anyone has any questions regarding the laws please feel free to come see me.  Let’s all work together to make sure we have a great and safe year! My office is located in the D wing (D6) so stop by if you ever have a question, concern or just would like to say hello!

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