Juniors Dominate Powerpuff

On October 28, 2022, the Senior and Junior girls from the class of 2023 and 2024 played an exciting and heated game of flag football. Despite an admirable effort on both sides, the Juniors ended up defeating the Seniors in a 7-0 victory. Sarah Zwack led the effort after successfully scoring a beautiful field goal. Brandy Zinkel also scored a remarkable touchdown, to which she says the ball “fell right in my arms and I just went for it.” 

Junior coaches Nick Psichopaidas, Nico Bilbao, Ari Ben-Zvi, and Jackson Solano were said to be “great at getting all of the players in.” David Mandujano however, suggested that “the coaches could have coordinated the team a bit more.” 

Despite the sublime or lousy criticism of the coaching, however, Sophie Levy, a player from the Class of 2024 says that “it definitely unified the Junior Class through all of our practices because so many people from different friend groups got to play together.” The perspective of the people that did not play in the game, however, varied; Avery Bartley, along with many others, mentioned that she “thought it was fun [but] also thought it was pretty boring. I would rather go home.”

 Overall, despite the mixed feelings among Weston High School regarding this annual event, both the Seniors and Juniors demonstrated commendable effort and had outstandingly talented athletes on both sides. As Mr. Ungar emphasized, “when you’re born with talent, you’re born with talent.”

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