Mr. Glass: Weston High’s Renaissance Man

By Mia Tomanelli and Katarina Todorovich

I think we can all agree that one of the most interesting people that works at Weston High School is everyone’s favorite substitute, Mr. Glass. The Warhorse had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Glass as the opener for our new feature segment: Wise Words with Warhorse by Mia and Katarina. In this exciting new segment, we interview Weston’s most prominent and loved teachers to find out more about them outside the classroom. If you’ve ever had Mr. Glass as a substitute, it is likely that you have heard at least one of his interesting stories about his life.

Mr. Glass has not always worked in education; rather, the majority of the work history of his career has involved a variety of skill sets, from sales and being a leader in his departments. Mr. Glass decided to start subbing when our superintendent, Mrs. Barbiero, convinced him to take his background and incorporate it into a classroom setting. Although hesitant at first, Mr. Glass liked the idea and began subbing in 2019. He was elated to see that the kids loved to hear his stories, and he loved to tell them. 

Mr. Glass explained to us about his work experience, most notably being a part of The Wall Street Journal for thirty-five years and director for twelve. He also told us about his experience in sales, running a variety of teams, and working in marketing and promotion. Additionally, he became a managing partner at Top Gun Strategies and became amazed at how business and leadership meld together to create success. He formed this company with 19 fighter pilots, and it now manages sixty companies around the globe. His relationship with the armed forces and the navy allowed him to build connections and is still in touch with them to this day. 

We asked Mr. Glass about his favorite part of working at Weston High School, and he immediately told us, “the students .”One of his favorite things to do is give back, giving kids advice that he’s learned through his storied career. Mr. Glass makes connections with students, acts as a mentor, and is always willing to lend help and wise words for students in the unpredictable times of high school. It is a privilege that Weston High School has someone that can support and give back to the students.

Finally, we asked Mr. Glass to reference anything that might be of advice for high school students. He said to listen to the graduation speech that Steve Jobs gave at Stanford in 2005, which is one of the best he’s ever seen. 

We’d like to thank Mr. Glass for working with the Warhorse and kicking off our new segment!

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