Green Team Hosts First Transfer Station Session

This past Saturday, members of the Green Team banded together to help recycle bottles at Weston’s transfer station. The student-led club centers around informing the community about sustainability and participating in eco-conscious activities locally. The club sources funds from grants and the profit made from recycled bottles (five-cent label on the back of all plastic water bottles). Last Saturday, club members faced the task of sorting through hundreds of bottles and cans, sorting out the trash that didn’t belong. 

The other half of the team teamed up to clean up the transfer station, picking up pieces of debris that littered the surrounding vegetation. Styrofoam and plastic containers were the primary targets since they don’t break down. Armed with trash bags and work gloves, members finished with a pile of trash bags before finally tossing them into the compactor.

The Green Team hosts sessions at the transfer station every weekend, allowing students to use teamwork and leadership skills to help the community. Green Team service hours count as community service hours; everyone is welcome to help. Faculty advisor Mr. Jorge believes the club has various benefits: “To me, the Green Team is a club that educates the student body on how they can live more environmentally-conscious lives. Green Team challenges the school community to take on more sustainable actions at home and on campus.”

Want to volunteer at the Transfer Station? Sign up by adding your name to this spreadsheet’s date you’re volunteering. We will meet at 237 Godfrey Rd East from 9-10 am. Make sure to bring a pair of work gloves and dress appropriately.

Any further questions? Email our club presidents, Sahir Siddiqui or Jamie Semaya. 

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