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The Death of the UK’s beloved Monarch

When the United Kingdom announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, 2022, many were shattered. For many British citizens, the Queen was a symbol of tradition, history and unity in England. Tilly Blake, who returned to Weston last year after living in England says, “I think she was a vital part of British society. So many people grew up with her and the British public celebrated her. There was lots of love and admiration for her.” 

Buckingham Palace has not specified the cause of the Queen’s death, therefore, many individuals are assuming that it was due to old age. Queen Elizabeth II lived a long life, dying at the ripe age of ninety-six. Her death marks the longest reign of an English monarch ever, and as a result, the Queen’s death has become an important moment in history as we reflect on it today. 

However, looking through a lens from a different perspective, some have questioned whether or not the Queen’s life should be celebrated and honored. Controversy has arisen over whether or not she lived a life filled with values of humility and regard for others.  For instance, Queen Elizabeth II has never acknowledged the United Kingdom’s association with the slave trade, and other instances with racism. Speculation arose about the Queen’s morals when she questioned how dark the skin would be of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s child.

Although these issues remain, the United Kingdom continues to mourn and honor the life of their monarch.

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