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What is the “Pink Tax” and Why it’s Important

Whether you’ve been in a drug store, a pharmacy, or a grocery store, it is most likely that you’ve noticed a distinct difference between products marketed for men and women. Simply only masked with different packaging, the exact same items stand at drastically different prices. For example, it is estimated that women’s products are marked up as much as 13% more for hygiene products and 8% more for clothing- this is known as the “pink tax.”

The Pink Tax can be defined as the trend of products marketed toward women to be more expensive than those sold to men. It gets its name from most marked-up pink-colored products. A two-dollar difference between a pink plastic razor vs. a blue one may not seem significant. However, the “pink tax” is just another way for the world to contribute to gender-based discrimination. 

As we reflect on our world today, equality for women is far from being achieved. It is estimated that one in three women experience gender-based violence in their lifetime. Unfortunately, the concept that women are inferior to men has been so intensely rooted in society that individuals find it hard to break free from the notion. Unequal pay is also an issue facing society at large; women make eighty-three cents to every dollar that men make. In an environment capable of extreme change, such as the year 2022, individuals should work hard to defeat the prejudice and inequities that women face on a daily basis. In order to do this, as a school body and as individuals, we must utilize the most powerful tool known to date: our voices. Rather than turning a blind eye to something discriminatory, we must speak out to prevent vicious cycles of repression from occurring. 



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