Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

The month of February is known as teen dating violence awareness month, which is coming to an end next Monday. However, just because the month is ending does not mean our awareness about these issues should stop!

As teenagers, one of the most important things we should recognize is that dating abuse comes in a variety of forms: physical, sexual, and mental. In fact, ages 12-19 have the highest reports of rape and sexual assault. It is vital that, as a community, we raise awareness about such issues and help provide resources to those who may potentially need them.

This year, TDVAM’s (teen dating violence awareness month’s) theme is #talkaboutit. It’s important that you know that you are not alone, and unfortunately, many other teens struggle with dating abuse. If you or someone you know is facing dating violence, send “loveis” to 77054 to talk to the National Dating Abuse Helpline. 

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