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All Together Now: A Celebration of Live Theatre

On November 12th, Weston High School Company opened its doors to its fall production of All Together Now. From renditions of songs from Into the Woods to Mama Mia, this musical review showcased the talents of its young performers across a plethora of musical theatre genres. 

The performance included a variety of duets, trios, a quartet, and group musical numbers. Vocals were accompanied by Mr. Anderson’s choreography, who helped Weston High take home the Spring 2021 Halo award for Best Choreography during last year’s production of Shrek

All Together Now was advertised as “a global event celebrating local theatre,” and many of those in the audience are confident that it fulfilled its purpose. To echo the sentiments of a Weston High School student, “it brought the community together by having performers of all ages on the stage singing and dancing together.” 

Indeed, Weston students across all grade levels were at the forefront of this performance, making it a unique installment in Weston High School’s musical theatre history and fostering a sense of community among schools and grade levels. 

The Coronavirus has put a strain on all school activities and extracurriculars, most notably being live musical theatre. According to Mrs. Morris, the show’s musical director, this performance serves as a “reentry into the world of live performance.” 

Despite the difficulties of the pandemic, the arts at Weston High School continue to set a precedent of commitment and unity. After the events of this fall, we cannot wait to see what Company has planned for this year’s Spring musical!

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