Thank You, Peter’s

Camille Gitow

Peter’s Market, photo courtesy of Camille Gitow

On January 27th, 2021 it was announced that Peter’s Market, a beloved Weston institution, will be shutting its doors. The news came as a shock to the town; on the Peter’s Market Facebook page alone there were 354 reactions and 134 comments, all Westonites (former or current), pouring out their gratitude for the store. In front of the physical location as well, posters filled with people’s love for Peter’s are taped up on the windows, demonstrating how beloved this establishment is.

According to multiple local sources and employees of Peter’s, the rent owed each month was exorbitant. Rent prices coupled with the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was just too much for the small store to bear.

WHS teacher Profe Mattera, a Weston native, reminisces on her experiences with Peters: “Growing up, Peter’s was the go-to for afterschool snacks, weekend treats, or last minute grocery runs for my family. I can’t begin to imagine the amount of sandwiches I consumed once I got my license and went to Peter’s for lunch each day during high school […] Peter’s has always been such a community-driven place where I’m bound to see someone I know, whether it be an old friend, a student, a colleague, or even an employee that has grown to be a friendly face. The staff and the food will be greatly missed by all!” Truer words haven’t been spoken.

Every Westonite remembers their experiences with the store, the good and bad. The excitement of walking down there from middle school to get dirty birds for the first time, or the annoyance of walking in wearing pajamas and managing to see every person you know. Kellie Couch ‘21 shares her sadness about the closing: “It’s been a staple of my life in Weston. It was the place I wanted to come back from college to and realize I was home. I even wrote a college supplement about it, how it is the most iconic part of our town, and if I brought someone to Weston, I’d take them to get a sandwich at Peter’s. The people there are the best people. It feels like family. Weston won’t be Weston without them.”

It is clear that this place is more than just a store. It is an integral part of our town that will be missed dearly.

Like the sign in town center says: thank you, Peter’s. 

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