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2021 Winter Sports Kickoff

Due to the pandemic, the 2020-2021 Winter Sports season was pushed from its original starting time of late November, to January 19th. The CIAC approved of proceeding with the season this past week, and now many winter athletic teams are now able to train in the new normal. The season was originally postponed due to climbing Covid case numbers and concerns medical safety for practice and competition indoors, but now sports are back with enhanced protocols and greater resilience.

Not every sport has been approved to compete this winter, and all approved sports are facing modified competition schedules or no competition at all for the next few months. Wrestling and competitive cheer were deemed high-risk sports and therefore are barred from competition this winter, while basketball, indoor track and ice hockey are moderate risk, and swimming is considered low risk. The sports that have been allowed to practice are required to wear masks at all times, including during competition, unless they are outdoors and socially distanced. Indoor track cannot compete this season, but basketball, ice hockey, and swimming can, and competition may not begin until February 8.

If an outbreak occurs, the school will use contact tracing and quarantine guidelines to ensure the safety of fellow students, teammates, and competitors, just as they have done during this school year when attending in-person classes.

Additionally, the CIAC has chosen not to proceed with carrying out the 11v11 football season that was originally postponed to February due to the sport’s high-risk status when it comes to the virus.

All of the decisions the organization made were in accordance with the Connecticut’s Department of Health guidelines for this winter’s sports, ensuring that play can proceed in a safe environment. Welcome to the official 2021 Winter Season!

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